Tips for Spring

Spring Clothing Care Tips

Because of the increase we have seen in moth damage to garments, we want to emphasize preventing this type of damage. It is always best to clean items soon after they become soiled. Studies that have shown that stains remaining on fabric more than two weeks are hard to remove. Sugars, drinks, and food caramelize after they age and attract insects and moths that damage your items if left unattended. The best prevention is to clean items within two weeks of soiling with the appropriate cleaning method, whether in your home washing machine or having it dry cleaned.

These tips are especially important for soiling that can be overlooked, particularly on wool jackets or other woolen items. Many of these items are dark in color and stains such as a few drops of a soda can remain unnoticed and attract pests.

If you’re not sure about your wool or any other item and have questions, our staff is always glad to assist. We are just a phone call away.